From January 2002 to now several observation runs were carried out. The NASA Infrared Telescope Facility, located in Hawaii (more than 12,000 km away from Meudon), was pilot from Observatoire de Paris-Meudon. The experiment was the initiative of three institutions: IRTF team (Dr. S.J. Bus), MIT (Professor R. Binzel), and Paris Observatory (Dr. M. Birlan). The remote oberving becomes now a perennial activity, nowadays more than 12 runs (40 nights) were conducted from Meudon (CODAM Project) We used the SpeX instrument to measure spectra in the range 0.9 - 2.5 micron for a spectroscopic study of near-Earth asteroids and the observation of 4979 Otawara, a fly by-target of the Rosetta mission. All target acquisition and data acquisition procedures were successfully commanded from Meudon with minimal delays in system response. The efficiency of the observing program was virtually the same as if the observers had been on location.

More about the remote experiment in the vitae file. A movie of 3 min (some tens of Mb) has been realized during the first run.