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I'm born near the border of Danube. Vieru(my birthplace) is a small village in which Birlan is the family name for the half of population. My childhood is intimately linked with the hot sunny days of the romanian plane and the cold winter marked by the wind coming from East named "crivat".

The High-School "Ion Maiorescu" (now a National College) from Giurgiu forged my interest for physics and mathematics. My teacher in physics was my model and mentor. Alexandru Mircescu is retired now and we've lost contact.

I was definitely captivated by physics, and I discovered the fascinating world of the philosophy of science (epistemology) during the university. All my memories are related to great personalities, professors and assistants with skills and passion for physics, sometimes too modests and timids with the students. The Faculty of Physics from Magurele was a great place to be formed as scientist. Many times considered to be "to classic", or "scholastic", I appreciate very much the rigors and passion of professors and assistants.

Then, several employments and employers; for several years the "go/come back" between Bucharest and Paris, the pleasure to say "hello, I'm back" each time when you cross friends an relatives even anonymous persons who know nothing about you...

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